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Our restaurant is a lovely fusion of an old hungarian diner, and an open minded french bistrot. We try our best to use the finest ingredients of the season, to make old time classics, but foreign inspirations are included in our menu as well. Local products are the main characters in our kitchen, as are the local wines and carefully selected fine meats from our grill, or wood fired oven.

Our sourdough breads are also a must try, it is definitely worth a trip to Várvölgy, which is a true gem in the valley near Keszthely.

Take a trip, let us host you!

Béla Torma

Béla Torma

Szent Domonkos Vendéglő - Várvölgy - Épület külső
Szent Domonkos Vendéglő - Várvölgy - Borválogatásunk


We are always looking for great local producers. Luckily we have a lot of amazing ingredients, and a lot of amazing contact. Taste them and take a sip of our carefully selected local wines.

Szent Domonkos Vendéglő - Várvölgy - Kenyereink

Our famous
baked goods

Our restaurant works hand in hand with the Madárlátta bakery, for amazing sourdough breads and fine specialty coffee. Take a look inside their store!

The bread also can be purchased in the village.

Szent Domonkos Vendéglő - Várvölgy - Hol találod éttermünket?

Where do you
find us?

A few minutes from Keszthely, in a picturesque valley! Our restaurant is an iconic building of the village, it’s hard to miss. We are looking forward to hosting you, with a kind and calm garden in the summer, and with a cosy fireplace in the winter.


a table in our restaurant

Be alone, as a couple or with a group, you can make your reservation quickly and easily on our website. Choose the number of persons, day and time, add other notes (food allergy/intolerance, individual request) and we will confirm your reservation in a short time. You can make your table reservation no later than 24 hours before your arrival.

What do our guests say about us?

5 csillagos értékelés - ikonok

"Those who are looking for the stew and hungarian nokedli combo should not come here, and you don't have to eat here for the gigantic portions either. However, there are, dishes prepared with refined sophistication, just enough portions, and excellent desserts. You have to try it, we will definitely be back for a comfortable above-average meal.”

5 csillagos értékelés - ikonok

"Yellow pea stew paired with meatloaf reimagined, Thai curry to make us feel good even without meat, heavenly desserts on the regular menu... Thank you, keep up the good work!!!"

5 csillagos értékelés - ikonok

"If you come here, it's unmissable. 15 minutes from Keszthely, in a place that looks like a classic village tavern from the outside, you will find the best quality inside! Freshly prepared food, unique, well thought-out presentation, rich flavors, a changing menu, and very nice service for all of that. It's not the first time we've been here, we've never been disappointed."


Szent Domonkos Vendéglő - Elválasztó elem
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